2 hours battery life Lovego portable oxygen concentrator LG102 meet all patients 1 to 5 liters oxygen supplement

2 hours battery life Lovego portable oxygen concentrator LG102 meet all patients 1 to 5 liters oxygen supplement
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Tips for choosing a right portable oxygen concentrator

1. Put your family member safety at firstly. Choose a portable oxygen concentrator with low oxygen alarm.

If you choose a portable oxygen concentrator for your family member which doesn\'t have low oxygen alarm, you won\'t know whether it is producing oxygen or normal air. If device has problem in oxygen concentration, it will just deliver normal air. But device still looks working normally. That means you have no ideo when your family member inhale normal air. Your family member will feel suffocating. It will worsen illness and be harmfull to your family member life. It will cause medical negligence in emergency situation.

2. Choose a brand which has service station in your country

There are many clients ignore after sales service when they buy from internet. If the machine you bought doesn\'t have service station in your country, your device will be uselss once it has a problem in future. Your can hardly find a technician who could handle with maintenance without training and parts.

3. What Should Be Oxygen Prescription for your family member?

Oxygen Concentrator Prescriptions - Doctor will write or print oxygen dose and oxygen therapy time in the prescriptions. If doctor write 3LPM or 3 liters/min in prescription, that means 3 liters oxygen with 90% saturation.

Be attention: If oxygen prescription is 3LPM, please make sure the machine you buy could produce 90% saturation oxygen at 3 liters. There are many devices just produce 70% saturation oxygen or less.( oxygen saturation less than 90% is not allowed by medical oxygen therapy. Insufficient oxygen will worsen illness and be harmful to your family member life)

Another thing to consider is choose bigger oxygen flow than your family member need. If his oxygen prescription is 3LPM, we suggest you choose a device which has capacity to produce 4 liters(4LPM) 90% oxygen flow. Your family member might need more oxygen in winter and in future. We must take it into consideration. (If you have any doubts, you could contact us or doctor for confirmation)

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Product details of Lovego portable oxygen concentrator LG102

Settings 1 2 3 4 5
Oxygen Purity 95% 94% 94% 91% 88%
  • Oxygen flow: 1 to 5 settings equal to 1 to 5 liters continuous flow
  • Low oxygen alarm monitor oxygen saturation
  • The lithium ion battery is rechargeable. Two fully batteries could support machine working 4 hours from 1 to 5 settings.
  • work in car, truck cigarette lighter and yacht
  • support 24 hours working per day
  • wireless, 10 meters circle through remote control function
  • Work in 95V to 245V electricity power supply
  • Work in car 12V cigarette lighter and by its batter

The standard package include: 1 oxygen concentrator, 1 battery, 1 battery charger, 1 car inverter, 1 nasal cannula, 1 head type tube, 1 humidifier bottle, 1 spare filter, 1 carry bag, 1 trolley.

Filter need to change after using 3000 hours.

Attention: This model is suitable for patients who need 1 to 5 liters oxygen

Lovego LG102 Specifications

Flow Settings

1 - 5 settings equal to 1-5LPM flow

Oxygen Concentrations

90%+5%/-3% at any settings

Outlet Pressure

8.5 PSI

Sound Level

≤ 40 dB (nominal) at flat table,≤45dB when travelling.


9.1 in x 8.7 in x 12.8 in (23 cm x 22 cm x 32.5 cm)


11.5 lbs (5.2kg) Machine only, 13.7lbs(6.2kg) with battery

Remote controller

Wireless, 10 meters circle through the walls

User Interface

Push buttons, back-lit liquid crystal display (LCD)


air inlet filter, bacteria filter

Operational Temperature

41° to 104°F (5° to 40°C)

Relative Humidity

15 to 95%


Up to 12,000 ft (3657m)

Storage Temperature

-4° to 140°F (-20° to 60°C) unit only

Relative Storage Humidity

Up to 95%, non condensing

Power Consumption


AC Power Input

100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.8 A max

AC Power Output

14.8 VDC, 8 A max

DC Power Input

Input 11. to 16.8 VDC 20 A max

DC Power Output

14.8 VDC, 8 A max

Chemistry of Battery

Lithium Ion 14.8 VDC (nominal)

Battery Dimensions

6.1 in x 3.4 in x 2 in(15.5 cm x 8.5 cm x 5 cm)

Battery Charge Time

Approximately 4 to 5 hours

Battery Duration

Two hours minutes at 1-5 any settings, extra battery is optional.

O 2 concentration indicator

Green Light=Normal, Yellow=Caution <82%,

Red with Audible Alarm=Warning <75%

Audible Alarm Sound Level

55 dB (nominal) at 39 in (1m)

Alarm type

Loss of power, High temperature, Low Therapeutic O 2 Output

Reference for choose Lovego Portable Oxygen Concentrator


Battery Life

Capacity (Oxygen Flow)

Refer to Oxygen Prescription

Stage of Illness (suitable)

5 hours

3 liters pulse

1 to 2 liters (2LPM)


1 hours

5 liters continuous

1 to 3 liters (3LPM)

Mild and Medium

2 hours

5 liters continuous

1 to 5 liters (5LPM)

Mild, Medium and Severe

4 hours

5 liters continuous

1 to 5 liters (5LPM)

Mild, Medium and Severe