200V 20A 150W adjustable Constant Current Electronic Load Battery Tester 12V24V48V Lead-acid lithium Discharge Capacity meter

200V 20A 150W adjustable Constant Current Electronic Load Battery Tester 12V24V48V Lead-acid  lithium Discharge Capacity meter
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ATORCH 150W Constant Current Electronic Load 200V20A Battery Tester Discharge Capacity Tester meter 12V24V48V Lead-acid lithium

Note:2017-10-30 due to customer demands to product upgrade, we will have two color board load, Yellow and Green Color Board random delivery!

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Can used us plug and Eu plug!

Test the 18650 battery

Use of introduction and specifications:

Description for Function Key :

1) Keep Press long time the key: Zero all data(mAh,Wh,00:00:00) 2) Double-click the key: for the Capacity data reset to zero 3) Three-click the key:for the electric quantity data reset to zero 4) Four-click the key: for the time data reset to zero 5) Five-click the key: Auto-Standby Mode & Timer for discharge alert 6) Single-click to change the window, entering the setup window for high&Low Voltage background light, adjust the parameters by double-clicking or three-clicking, click-holding for continuous and quick adjust. 7)Without load,quickly click the key for 7 times, for current data reset to zero(0.00A).It is for Precise calibration in local circumstance, so that the small current could be precisely measured. 8) Keep pressing the key when power-off, then power-on, entering the Background setup window for High&Low Voltage over-load, single-click or double-click to adjust the parameters, keep press the key long time to reset to the default setup (Note: Please don\'t calibrate the voltage or current if without standard instruments) Instruction for Connection and Operation : 1) Open the package, insert the power adapter into the end of the product and supply the power. 2) Anti-clockwise rotate the two current knobs to the lower limit. 3) Connecting the Power Supply under test to the product according to the diagram above, and the current Input Voltage value will be read out. Keep pressing the key to reset all data to zero; 4) Slowly clockwise rotate the two current knobs (coarse&fine) to adjust the current to the rating value of the Power Supply(The current should be slowly adjusted, using the fine knob priority, the coarse knob could be only used under large current condition.) 5) When testing the battery, Low voltage discharge limit should be set up, to avoid the possible damage caused by over discharging while discharge capacity test of the battery. SPECIFICATIONS: Supply Voltage/ Interface:DC6~12V / DC 5.0 or Micro USB Voltage measure Range:0.00V~200V Accuracy:0.05V Current Adjustable Range:0.00A~20A Accuracy:0.05A Capacity measure Range:0~999.999Ah Accuracy:0.01Ah Power cumulative range:0~99999.9Wh Accuracy:0.01Wh Power measure Range:0~2999.99 WAccuracy:0.01W Impedance measure Range:1~999.9 ohm Accuracy:0.01 Temperature Range :0~99℃Accuracy:1℃ Max Timing:999H59M59S Accuracy:1S Cooling Fan Power:<150W/<180W (Fan could be changed for different cooling power) Fan controlling gate: The cooling fan auto-started while the current>0.5A or the Temperature >45℃ Input/Output:20A biting screw + USB Refresh time:>500mS/time measure rate:about 2s/time Over voltage and over current alert method:Display warning window and voice warning Protecting Voltage setting Range:1~300V Low Voltage setting Range:0~149V Protecting Current setting Range:0.2~100A Protecting Power setting Range:185W Display Type:Micro power consumption, LCM module, black font, green backlit, Chinese&English Size:160x95x60mm Consumption Current:<1.5A Operating Temp.:-10~+60℃ Operating Humidity::10~80℃ Condensation ) Operating Pressure:80~106kPa Warning: 1) The two current knobs should be set at the lower limit before using(Counterclockwise Adjust to the end Double current knobs to 0.00A)! Then increase the current slowly. 2) When the voltage >36V, please attention to safety! Avoid electric shock 3) Several Powers should not be connected at the same time, avoid the over voltage or current to damage your power supply. 4) Slowly adjust the current while observing the displayed value, avoid the instant large current overloaded. 5) Be sure to obey the law of conservation of energy, the product of the voltage and the current should less than 150W. end! ';