2018 High Quality Laser Slingshot Black Hunting Bow Catapult Fishing Bow Outdoor Powerful Slingshot for Shooting Crossbow Bow

2018 High Quality Laser Slingshot Black Hunting Bow Catapult Fishing Bow Outdoor Powerful Slingshot for Shooting Crossbow Bow
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2018 High Quality Laser Slingshot Black Hunting Bow Catapult Fishing Bow Outdoor Powerful Slingshot for Shooting Crossbow Bow
  • Description :
100% steel slingshot head shows the charm of techonology and personality Power and initial speed increase Aluminium alloy handle releases the humanized design camouflage color,military and Professional Resort to lever and eccentric shaft, the initial speed is accelerated on the base of hand power and rubber band. Four springs offer balanced assistance for power generation . Central spindles apply horologe-leveled high-precision processing technology, providing better reliability and stability. Wrist rest can stabilize the slingshot body while shooting and it fits different hands. You can choose use it or not freely. Artfully recurved and integration design, we care about your hand feelings Human body engineering wielded fully Specialized slot to install a torch clamp that can be equipped with a flashlight, then you can use it at light. -The fourth generation slingshot of Sergeant
  • Specialized wrist rest
  • Rubber band
  • Heavy-duty spring,already installed in slinghsot
  • Arrow clamp and arrow rest


Product parameters: Instructor slingshot Product material: high quality alloy + stainless steel Product process: Casting + cold pressing Product parameter: 290*150*160mm Product weight: 790g ​ Note: 1. Please don\'t aim at people or other people\'s stuffs.Consequences caused are out of our responsibilities. 2.We recommend the user not to equip the heavy-duty spring and medium-duty spring together. 3. Rubber band and spring are perishable articles,please change them if you feel it not powerfull. ​ Friendly Reminder: The Flashlight and the laser excluding the batteries, it is because we shipped it out by flight, the batteries can not be delivery, so you need to buy it by yourself, sorry for the inconvenient , hope you can understand it. The laser need 3 pieces LR44 batteries The flashlight need 1 piece 18650 battery.

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