2018 new triband celular signal booster 900 1800 2100Mhz gsm mobile signal repeater 3g 4g lte cellphone amplifier 65dBi #7

2018 new triband celular signal booster 900 1800 2100Mhz gsm mobile signal repeater 3g 4g lte cellphone amplifier 65dBi #7
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Please Read Carefully Before Reading

PLEASE, focus on signal freqeuncy, instead of the word "2G 3G 4G" in title.

Because we sell all over the world, not only for one country,

surely we would indicate all signal it could work for.

Therefor,it\'s important to find out the frequency of your operator.

The following method could be your information.

Method 1. Go outside and turn on 2G/3G/4G (the signal you want to amplify) Iphone: dial this: *3001#12345#* (as the image) Samsung: dail *#001# Method 2. Download an app:Network Cell Info Lite, you could see what band it is.

# 2018 new triband celular signal booster 900 1800 2100Mhz gsm mobile signal repeater 3g 4g lte cellphone amplifier 65dBi #

Product Detail


1.Work for 900 and 1800 and 2100Mhz

2G, 3G, 4G at the same time

2.Intelligent LCD display

3.Full kit with antennas and cable

4.Cover 200-500 sqm without barrier

5.Easy to install and work

LPDA antenna

Frequency range:800-2700Mhz


Type: outdoor antenna

Panel antenna

Frequency range:700-2700Mhz

Gain:8dB, high gain

Type: indoor antenna


Length: 13 meters

Connectors: N male

1.The outdoor antenna is to receive good signalfrom the base station,

so it shall be at some higher position to receive better signal.

2.Then the signal would be passed to booster

3.Our booster would amplify the signal and pass to indoor antenna

4.Lastly, indoor antenna would transit good signal at your house.

How to install

Step 1: Find a position where could receive great signal,mostly a higher position, like at rooftop. Install outdoor antenna at it and make it toward the base station. Note: the outdoor antenna shall receive good signal, otherwise the repeater could not work. Step 2: Connect outdoor antenna to booster at BTS connector with the cable. Step 3: Connect indoor antenna to booster at MS connector. And it would be better to install it at a height of 2 meters. Note: The two antennas shall be totally separated by a brick wall with a distance of at least 10 meters. Otherwise, the signal would intervene to each other, showing full of signal on display, but actually the booster doesn\'t work properly. Step4: Plug in power supply and done!

Common problem

Question: no signal on the display and phone

Solution: adjust outdoor antenna, put it at a higher postion and make sure it could receive good signal from base station.Or please check the freqeuncy of your antenna, if you buy only booster from us. If the frequency doesn\'t match to the booster\'s, it could not work either.

Question: the display is blinking and signal light isn\'t on.

Solution: Also adjust outdoor antennna as above, because blinking means receiving signal is not stable. Adjust the position and direction of outdoor antenna until it stop working.

Queation: the signal is at maximum on booster but the signal on the phone does not improve at all

Solution: It is what we called "self-oscillation phenomenon". You need to increase the distance of indoor antenna and outdoor antenna and separae them with a brick wall. Make sure there is no opening area between them.

Question: The booster works properly but the signal light is not on

Solution: Maybe the cable is too long for the booster or the connection is not well. Please make sure all the antenna are connected well and tightly. It actually does n\'t matter too much as long as the device works well.

Any other problems about the product or installation, please contact us.

Thank you!

Thanks for visiting.

May we call your attention one more time, please do check the cellphone freqeuncy before buying.

If the frequency does not right, the signal repeater would not work.

If you still have some problems about the product, please feel free to contact us at any time.
DO NOT give negative review or open dispute without contacting us.
Wish you all the best.


1. We could accept all the payment way accepted by AliExpress.

2.What you pay is for the product and shipping cost only, not including any tax. Please be aware of that whether need to pay tax or not, depends on the policy of your country, we certainly could not change it. If you could not accpt it, we do not suggest you to place order.


1. All the available ways are indicated at the page of product. We would send out the order as per your choice.

2.The parcel would be sent to the exact address that you fill in the order. In order to make you receive the parcel promptly and safely, please provide right contact info.

3.If you do not receive the parcel within the protection time, please contact us at the first time, we would check it for you or extend the protection time.

After-sales service:

1. Please note that we always check and test the product twice before shipping and pack them well as far as possible. However we could not control anything during the long transit. Therefor, the product is broken at receiving, please contact us, we would resend you a new one.

2.Our product have one year warranty. But please be cooperative to provide video or pictures to show exact the problem, and listen our suggestions for the installation.

3.Any problem about the parcel or the prodcut, please feel free to contact us at the first time, we would be very glad to help and reply ASAP.


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