2018 Top Fashion Hot Sale ! 2000w 48v/96v/120v/220v/380v Home Use Windmill / Wind Generator, 3 Blades, Years Warranty For Farm

2018 Top Fashion Hot Sale ! 2000w 48v/96v/120v/220v/380v Home Use Windmill / Wind Generator, 3 Blades, Years Warranty For Farm
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You need to make sure that before you get a 2018 Top Fashion Hot Sale ! 2000w 48v/96v/120v/220v/380v Home Use Windmill / Wind Generator, 3 Blades, Years Warranty For Farm you have already seen and browse the description of the products first. This way you will be sure that you're getting the right product that will work for you. Since this 2018 Top Fashion Hot Sale ! 2000w 48v/96v/120v/220v/380v Home Use Windmill / Wind Generator, 3 Blades, Years Warranty For Farm has top quality it is among the best sellers on the market now and many people are recommending the product to their friends and family. These days this product is actually affordable for almost everyone and it’s a very good buy your money can buy. You don’t need cheaper products if it will only sabotage your work and will not provide you with the kind of quality that you need in the merchandise. With the higher price you can be sure that your money will probably be worth spending in this item.313.50-380.0099.54-186.44367.00-390.00539.00-749.00595.65-612.75249.151099.15215.00 Hot Sale ! 2000W Home Use Windmill / Wind generator, 3 blades, 3 years Warranty Wind Generator for Home and Farm

Packing List

1. 2kw wind turbine

2. 3 PCS of blades

3. Wind turbine hub

4. Screw bolts and nose cone


1. Streamlined design,simple structure,running stably,power supply for city lamp,monitoring and home.

2. Small size and flexibility,lively Colors,beautiful curve,low noise and environmental harmony.

3. Anti-Rust,Anti-Corruption Damp-Proof,Water-Proof,Stand-Proof.

4. Brand New in box

5. CE Certificate

6. ISO9001:2000 Quality Certification

7. Large power, low volume, high efficiency

8. Carbon fiber blades, high efficiency of anti-wind ability,move mutely and steadily

9. Blades with the ability of automatically stall protection under strong wind

10. 3 years free warranty

2kw wind generator parameters:

Real Photos for 2000W Wind Power Generator:

Production Line of Wind Generator:

Diagram for Wind Power System

Production Line of Wind Generator:

Application Projects:

Packages of 2000w wind turbine


300w vertical axis wind turbines,

300w vertical axis wind turbines,

400w Horizontal axis wind turbines,.

800w Horizontal axis wind turbines,.

1000w Horizontal axis wind turbines,.

Remind 1. After customers place the order to our store and finish payment, we will prepare the parcel around 7 days before shipping. We will pre-pay the freight cost at our side but we don\'t responsible any customs tax or import tax (We can declare lower value on the invoice to your clearance customs if you informed us before shipping.). 2. We will give positive feedbacks to our customers when we receive the payment released by Aliexpress system. So hope you also can leave positive feedbacks to our service. If you are not satified with our products or service, you also can contact with us directly. We are welcome you to give our your precious suggestions. 3. All message and emails will be answered within 1 business day. If you do not receive our reply please kindly re-sent your message or emails and we will reply to you as soon as possible. 4. Before placing your order, please leave the key parameters to us so that we can prepare the products to you ASAP to short the delivery time. FAQ 1. What kind of region can be installed wind turbine? Small wind turbines should be applied in the regions which wind resources is sufficient. The annual average wind speed should be more than 3m/s, the effective wind speed 3-20m/s should be more than 3000h in accumulation per year. The density of 3-20m/s effectively average wind power should be more than 100W/m2. It should be noted that choosing the rated design speed wind turbine is in conformity with local design speed. It is significantly in making use of wind resources and in economic aspect. Wind tunnel test proves that the fan power transformation of the impeller in the direct ratio with wind speed, that is to say, the wind speed decide the output electrical power. 2. How to calculate the actual need power in my home to configure the appropriate power of wind turbines? At present, battery stores the power from the wind turbine, then discharge to home appliances. So the power which discharged to the load and be charged timely by wind turbine is the amount of the actual needs power. Take an example: the rated output power from wind turbine generator is 100W per hour, the continuous workable hours by wind is 4 hours. The battery can be charged total capacity is 400WH. For only about 70% power from battery can be discharged to the load, so the actual power which can be used from battery is 280WH. If there are: 1) Bulb15W x 2 Pieces, working 4 hours one day, consumption 120WH 2) TV 35W x 1 set, working 3 hours one day, consumption 105WH 3) Radio 15W x 1 Piece, working 4 hours one day, consumption 60WH Above total consumption is 285WH per day. If you only design to install 100W wind turbine generator, the consumption total power will more than the power from wind turbine generator. In long period of time using power from 100W wind turbine generator, it will make the battery serious loss of electricity and damaged, and it will cut down your battery service life. It is assumed that wind turbine at rated wind power generation and energy consumption, but in fact, due to the variability of the wind, intermittent, there are strong and weak wind different (wind speed) and wind blow in long time and short time different(frequency). So you should cut down even cut off some electrical application working time when the wind condition is in poor to protect your battery. If your budget is enough, it will be better to install a diesel generator set or install solar panels at the same time. 3. How to select the correct battery capacity to get power from wind turbine generator? Generally, the battery capacity should be equal or smaller than the power from wind turbine generator. 1) 100W wind turbine generator matches 120AH battery (60AH x 2 Pieces) 2) 200W wind turbine generator matches 120-180AH battery (60 OR 90AH x 2 Pieces) 3) 300W wind turbine generator matches 240AH battery (120AH x 2 Pieces) 4) 750W wind turbine generator matches 240AH battery (120AH x 2 Pieces) 5)1000W wind turbine generator matches 360AH battery (60AH x 3 Pieces)


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