AIMIKE AMK3800 Series Three Phase VFD Drive VFD Inverter Professional Variable Frequency Drive 5.5KW 380V for Motor

AIMIKE AMK3800 Series Three Phase VFD Drive VFD Inverter Professional Variable Frequency Drive 5.5KW 380V for Motor
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Application ◆mechanical, textile, chemical industry;

◆Energy-saving central air conditioning;

◆Oil injection pump, oil fields;

◆Energy-saving air compressor;

◆Circulating pump, water supply pump, constant pressure water supply;

◆metallurgy, mining, pharmaceutical, ceramics, papermaking;

◆plastics, printing, thermoelectric, food and other fields.

Key feature

◆Combines vector control and VF control technologies perfectly with creativity and introduces the idea of flux control.

◆Multiple kinds of menu modes are convenient for parameter regulation of user.

◆ Intelligentialized motor rotation speed tracing technology can trace current rotation speed of the motor with quicker speed and implement fast tracing operation. ◆ Unique power source and EPS functions enable take one inverter as a variable-frequency power source or EPS for operation. ◆ Intelligent power saving function and electric quantity monitoring function can furthest reduce the energy consumption for motor operation. ◆SPI interface and pen type standard MODBUS protocol ◆ Wide input voltage,20% mutative is allowable ◆ Perfect protection function, Overvoltage over-current under-voltage overheat overload off load Losing phase(option) ◆ Direct LCD data display and LED work status display ◆ The control core is based on 32-bit RISC single chip and speed is up to amazing 1.3DMIPS.


◆Current vector control

◆Strict quality control system ISO9001 and test

◆IGBT Technology

◆LED and LCD display

◆CE and ROSH certificate

Working Principle

Aimike inverter generally consists of rectifier, filter, inverter driving circuit, protection circuit and a controller (MCU/DSP) and other parts. Firstly, when the current of single-phase or three-phase AC power through a rectifier and capacitor filter, it will form fixed amplitude DC voltage and put on the inverter, the output terminal of the inverter will obtain a pulse wave with certain shape, after uses the on-off control of inverter power element. By changing the width of rectangular pulse and inverter’s output frequency to control the amplitude of voltage and output frequency respectively so the the inverter can control output voltage and frequency at the same time that to meet the requirements of U/f Coordinated control. The advantage of PWM is to eliminate or suppress low order harmonic wave, and make the motor run at the voltage with approximate sine wave.

Please Note

◆Power: 0.75KW-630KW

◆Standard export package, suitable for long distance transportation.

◆Product attached one AMK operation Panel.

◆Network cable, bland filler panel or other options would be chose and charged.

◆The above price does not make out an invoice, invoice needs an extra charge of 17 %.

◆The charges of packing are bore by buyers.

AIMIKE General Frequency Inverter ◆AIMIKE inverter can automatic energy-saving operation; Aimike inverter can increase the rate of power saving utmost.Aimike inverter can maximum limit keep voltage stability.

◆AIMIKE inverter can be tested to automatic over-current and over-voltage protection; AIMIKE inverter can protect customers utmost equipment and frequency converter.Aimike inverter can automatically detect the load function.

◆AIMIKE frequency converter has the advanced current closed-loop vector control algorithm; AIMIKE load response of the inverter can be quickly, to get the best output performance.Aimike frequency converter has the unique adaptive control technology, and unique pulse width modulation technology; Aimike inverter can make optimal control performance.

◆We use the SVPWM optimized modulation technology to improve product stability and longevity.Aimike inverter adopts flexible control method, such as RS-485 control, PI regulation, multistage speed, process control, etc.

◆AIMIKE inverter is widely used in fan, water pump, air compressor, injection molding machine, winding machine, central air conditioning, textile, chemical, metallurgical, mining, pharmaceutical, ceramics, papermaking, oil fields, plastics, printing, thermal power, tobacco, food and other kinds of mechanical equipment.

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