Aiyima AC 110V 220V OLED T12 Digital Soldering Iron Station Temperature Controller 72W With EU Plug + T12 Handle + T12-K Tip New

Aiyima AC 110V 220V OLED T12 Digital Soldering Iron Station Temperature Controller 72W With EU Plug + T12 Handle + T12-K Tip New
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Dear friend ,this is our new soldering iron ,you need click link below .

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Special note:

1.This OLED soldering station must use our original handle and FX-9501 handle which has been modified by us,otherwise the controller may be burned.So please friends pay highly attention to this thing . 2.​​The controller has full english display ,so you don\'t worry that you can\'t operate. 3.When this station connects a new iron core,it may be issue beeps and appear error on the display screen , you don\'t worry the beeps and error , because the new iron core use for the station ,they need a suitbale process each other , after 2 or 3 minutes ,the beeps and error will be disappear .If you use the old iron core , the soldering station will not issue beeps and appear error .​When the new core is working, the temperature error is within 5 degrees Celsius, because it has an oxide layer on its surface. When the oxide layer melts, the temperature error falls below 1 degree Celsius. 4.The reason of error appears on the screen :(1)use the new iron core ,mentioned above ,so don\'t worry .(2)the handle connect wrong with the soldering station .You need to check the connect and reconnect .(3)the handle isn\'t original or modified FX-9501 . 5.The advantage of the OLEDsoldering iron :5seconds fast melting tin ; rapid warming and cooling; exquisite workmanship ; high quality and work stability ; strong power ; freely adjust the sleep time from 1 minute to 30 minutes ; black brushed aluminum casing ,black aceylic panels , beautiful appearance . Parameter ​​Working AC voltage: 100-240V Temperature setting range: 150-480 degree, the actual temperature can be 500 degrees Sleep Time : 1-30 minutes freely adjust Built-in power supply: 24V 3A, 72w. Size: 88MM * 40MM * 138MM Basic operation 1: Normal mode, the rotary encoder to adjust the temperature, slow turn, every grid represent 1 degree, fast turn ,every big drig represent 5 degrees . 2: Under normal mode,short-press the encoder to enter dormancy, any encoder operation,quit ,if the vibration mode is enabled, then the vibration handle to exit Hibernation. 3: Normal mode, double-click on the encoder to enter the enhanced mode, the encoder exits in any action . 4: In sleep mode, long time press the middle key , welding station will be closed, if you want to open the station ,you need to reconnect the power or short time press the middle key ,then station will be opened . 5: Normal mode, press the encoder to enter the menu setting mode. 6: Long time no use this station,it will be enter sleep mode,if longer time no use it ,it will be closed .And the 2 modes can be set by yourself ,but you need to enter the menu . Detailed menu setting meaning ​​Tips: The menu options of English version is starting from the following fourth , the first three parameters are fixed, so removed. 1:The reference voltage. The system uses MV as unit. Corresponding to the control board TL431 voltage is consistent, it is recommended to keep the factory parameters. 2:The offset voltage. Corresponding to the control board op amp offset voltage, software correction value, the control board using the op amp offset is small, it is recommended to keep the factory parameters. 3:Gain adjustment. Corresponding to the control board amplifier magnification, it is recommended to keep the factory parameters. 4:The temperature calibration. System for 350 degrees, the global temperature calibration. Other points based linear temperature correction after entering the temperature calibration, corresponding to a professional temperature measurement equipment, slow adjustment parameters until the temperature is 350 degrees for the actual measurement calibration is finished, press Exit. 5:The wakeup setting. 0 Do not allow wakeup, 1, vibrations at the handle and encoder operations can wake up the system to sleep. 2, allowing only wake up the system hibernation encoder. 6:Sleep time. No action, the system automatically sleep time, in minutes. 7:The shutdown time. Sleep, no automatic shutdown wait time in minutes. 8:Temperature strengthened. After entering the temperature set to strengthen, increase the temperature set value at the current temperature, in degrees Celsius.

9:Strengthening time. After entering the temperature corresponding to strengthen, how long automatic withdrawal temperature enhanced mode. Seconds as unit

10:The alert setup. 1 can allow beep, 0 can\'t allow buzzer.

11:To restore the default. 1 can recovery the default parameters, 0 can\'t recovery parameters Note: As long as it is a new soldering iron, all oled soldering stations are like this. Many customers report that the soldering station temperature display error and temperature jitter, and the sound of the drop is normal. Please use it for a few hours and its temperature will be stable. If you mind, please do not place an order.thank you. Packaging 1pc OLED digital controller with aluminum case 1pc T12 handle 1pc T12-K tip 1pc EU plug power cable