APP 60V 40AH Electric bike LiFePO4 Battery Pack Phone control Electric bicycle Scooter ebike Power 2000W Wood

APP 60V 40AH Electric bike LiFePO4 Battery Pack Phone control Electric bicycle Scooter ebike Power 2000W Wood
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LiFePO4 Battery System

60V 40AH Battery Pack + BMS System + 6A Charger

Wood Housing ,Bluetooth wireless transmission , GPS

APP Phone control function

App Lock, Open the Battery or your Ebike !

Free Shipping (7~10 Days arrive)

Battery PACK Parameters :
Battery Material LiFePO4
Nominal Voltage (V) 60 V
Nominal Capacity (Ah) 40 Ah
Max Discharging Current 60A / 120A ( BMS SET 2000W )
BMS Can Upgrade to 2000W or 3000W
Maximum Charge Voltage ≤75 V
Discharge cut-off voltage 44 V
Charging Current 6 Amps
Weight (NW) 21 Kg
Lifecycle 1800 ~ 2000 times
Dimension 340×280×160 mm
BMS System Parameters :
Overcharge protection (V) 3.65±0.025
Overcharge Recovery (V) 3.6±0.05
Over-discharge voltage (V) 2.2±0.05
Over-discharge recovery Disconnect the load or charge
Resistance (m/ohm) < 20
Charge balanced current (mA) 60
Charger Parameters :
Applying Battery Type LiFePO4
Input Voltage (AC/V) 110V or 220V
Output Current (A) 6 A
Output Voltage (DC/V) ≤ 75 V

Package includes:
1 × LiFePO4 Battery Pack
1 × BMS System
1 × 6A Charger

Percentage Capacity Show !!!

For Only Android System Phone !!!

Built in GPS , Bluetooth Wireless transmission !

Mobile phone App lock, open the battery or your ebike !

Mobile phone App Close switch, open switch the battery Charger or Discharge !

Max speed setup Alarm system to ensure driving safety !

Support APP setup parameters
. voltage Show
. voltage range Show
. Nominal Capacity Show
. Remaining Capacity Show
. Percentage Capacity Show
. each Cell voltage Show
. Charging, discharge current Show
. Temperature Show
. Remainder Speed K/m Show
. Average Speed K/mh Show
. Total mileage Show
. The mileage Show
. Travel Time Show

. Balance Voltage setup
. Overvoltage Voltage setup
. Undervoltage Voltage setup
. Discharge Overcurrent setup

100% NEW LiFePO4 Cell
True High-rate discharge !!!

LiFePO4 The world\'s most secure battery, no explosion, no pollution, long life Excellent Cycle life can be as long as over 2,000 cycle, best among all the listed groups. Acceptable Excellent
Most economic
Excellent (can be discharged at -45~ 70 Centigrade)
LiCoO2 LiCoO2 is expensive, the actual capacity than its theoretical capacity of only (274mAh g-1) about 50%, lower utilization of cobalt; LiCoO2 cycle life has reached 500 Acceptable Cycle life only up to 300~500 cycle. Not good for high C-rate discharge. Good High Decayed beyond 55 ~ -20 Centigrade
LiMn2O4 Have to handle with care, or it might explode or catch fire under collision or over-charged. Unacceptable Cycle life only up to1 500~800 cycle, depending on the discharge C-rate. Acceptable Acceptable High
Li(NiCo)O2 Very unstable, must handle with extremely care, it might explode or catch fire under collision, over-charged, short circuit or when heat build-up. Acceptable Cycle life can be 300~500 cycle. Not good for high C-rate discharge. Good High Decayed extremely fast over 55~ -20 Centigrade

544.95 449.40 459.90 388.00 306.60 1101.45 303.45 349.00

LiFePO4 material is by far the safest, most long cycle life, no pollution to the environment of new energy materials !

A New hope,Change in the future !
As more and more pollution,Warming seriously,Earth Close to Unfit for human Living.
Now, we must begin to use high-tech The energy to change the day of the disaster.
LiFePO4 Battery Is a new energy,It will not cause pollution,It does not produce an explosion,Long life,Structural stability,Cheaper!

LiFePO4 will become the preferred battery technology for traction purposes and other situations in which high discharge characteristics and cycle life are important. (LiFePO4) batteries are based on the original lithium-ion chemistry, but LiFePO4 is used as the cathode material instead of lithium cobalt dioxide (LiCoO2). The latter is found in the most commonly used batteries in laptops, cell phones, MP3 players, etc.
LiFePO4 is an intrinsically safer cathode material than LiCoO2 since exothermic reactions cannot occur in batteries based on this material: LiFePO4 cells do not incinerate or explode under extreme conditions. In addition, LiFePO4 cells have a higher discharge current, are not toxic and have a much higher cycle life than LiCoO2 cells.

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