AUTEL MaxiPRO MP808TS Diagnostic Scanner TPMS Programming OBD2 Auto Car Diagnostic Scan Tool SRS Wifi ALL System Code Reader

AUTEL MaxiPRO MP808TS Diagnostic Scanner TPMS Programming OBD2 Auto Car Diagnostic Scan Tool SRS Wifi ALL System Code Reader
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Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS Autel, as one of the world\'s leading manufacturers and suppliers of professional diagnostic tools, is committed to provide users with quality-assured, easy-to-use, cost-effective and innovative products. MaxiPRO MP808TS from Autel specializes in services for car maintenance and repair. It boasts complete OBD2 functions, main special functions such as oil reset service, EPB service and DPF service and comprehensive TPMS services. You can accomplish all-round diagnoses for vehicles with one MP808TS in hand. ALL System Diagnoses Main Advanced Functions for Comprehensive Vehicles\' Maintenance With these services, this diagnostic tool is specially designed to provide you with quick access to all systems for various scheduled service and performances maintenance. When you accomplish all repairs, you can easily turn off the warning lights. Access to All Systems: Make detection on all available systems to enhance your vehicles safety, avoid accident and ensure your security. For example, you can check Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) to prevent the wheels from locking up (ceasing rotation) and avoid uncontrolled skidding; Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) is designed to prevent injuries from body impact with the steering wheel,dashboard and other parts in the event of a collision; If your vehicle won\'t start or “Check Engine” light is illuminated, you can diagnose Fuel System. Check car\'s fuel system regularly ensures the best performance of your car with the lowest emissions. Complete TPMS Services for Greater Security MP808TS can be utilized to help you monitor the tire status including tire pressure and temperature and it is indispensable when you need to replace the bad sensors. In addition, it offers DTC description, so you can easily find out wrong places. It is capable of improving your vehicles\' safety. Details as the following: 1. Embedded antennae triggers/reads 98% of all known TPMS sensors 2. Diagnose ECU for complete TPMS health check with DTC description 3. Displays manufacturer-specific TPMS Relearn procedures and performs OBD2 Relearns 4. Programs MX-Sensor by 4 options to replace OEM sensors: a) Copy by Activation b) Copy by Manual Input c) Auto Create d) Copy by OBD 5. Reads & clears DTCs from TPMS Special Functions of this Diagnostic Tool Oil Reset Service: Reset the Oil Life Reminder every time the oil is changed, so the system can calculate when the next oil change is required. Battery Management System (BMS) Service: Monitor the battery state, complete the battery replacement and learn information about new battery. Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) Service: Implement calibration after you replace the sensors or steering wheel steering system is inaccurate or the steering wheel is not centered. Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) Service: The core function of MP808TS covering DPF service is to force a regeneration of Diesel Particulate Filter. Electric Parking Brake (EPB) Service: Calibrate the parking brake after completing any mechanical service work on the Park brake actuator such as disc or pad replacement. ABS Bleeding Service: Remove air remaining in the system when you find the brake pedal feels spongy and low. Immobilizer (IMMO) Service: Program key fob, clear lost key fob and make the ID codes of your ignition key match the anti-theft system. Full OBD2 Functions Ready for Passing Emission Test 1. Read Permanent Trouble Codes 2. Read Live Data Stream when the engine is running to make sure it works fine 3. Query Freeze Frame Data which is saved when troubles happen and helps you find the problem 4. Read Current Trouble Codes 5. Clear Trouble Codes and turn off the check engine light (MIL) 6. O2 Sensor Monitor Test will measure the oxygen content of the exhaust to ensure compliance to a state emissions standard 7. On-board Monitored System Test can retrieve and display test results for emission-related power train components and systems that are not continuously monitored 8. Read Pending Trouble Codes indicate problems that has been detected but not considered serious yet. They won’t turn on the MIL and can be erased if faults don\'t occur 9. Component Monitored System Test 10. Read Vehicle Identification Number which may be abraded on the engine. You can easily get the vehicles\' info when you need. You can use MP808TS to check the emission condition before you drive out. In this way, you can easily pass the test and can\'t be fined. Premium Hardware for Fast Running Speed and Quick Diagnoses Based on Android operating system, it\'s equipped with extraordinary Cortex-A9 quad-core processor (1.4 GHz), internal reliable and fast 32GB Solid State Drive and 7-inch large LCD capacitive touchscreen with 1024x600 resolution. In addition, the tested battery life is up to around 7-hours (continuous use time). What\'s more, the Bluetooth Maxi-VCI Mini enhances your operation flexibility. With wireless connection, you can make detection inside the vehicle or outside the vehicle as you like. All these devices aim to ensure quick and smooth diagnosis. Package List: 1*Main Unit 1*USB Cable (for charging) 1*USB Cable (for test) 1*Maxi VCI Mini 1*USB External Power Adapter 1*User Manual 1*Quick Reference Guide 1*Carry Case ';