CapsulCN204-S Semi-Automatic size 4 capsule machine/capsule filler/capsule filling machine

CapsulCN204-S Semi-Automatic size 4 capsule machine/capsule filler/capsule filling machine
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Capsule filling machine

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1. We will deliver your parcels by DHL, EMS and Fedex.The shipments will take 4-10 days.

2.Please leave the message to tell us the size of capsule filling machine you need.

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There are many special offers to purchase CN-204S capsule filling machine:

1. The package price with free shipment.

2. The CN-204S filling machine work with the joined capsule.

3. If you buy the CN-204S capsule filling machine, we will provide 5000 pcs joined gelatin clear capsules for free, so that you can use our machine immediately.

Advantage of our CN-204S capsule filling machine:

1.Our most popular model, this well-constructed workhorse is easy to use. This model is perfect for the occasional user or for small to moderate quantities. Additional encapsulator sizes "000" to "5" are available.

2. Raw material is acrylic which is healthy, good transparency, durable, low weight.

3.The screws,pins and all hardware are made of stainless steel and meet the hygiene requirement GMP standards.The stainless steel can avoid reacting with powder.

4.The machine with special design, the speed of capsules collection being increased.It fills 204 capsules per cycle and can produce up to 3,500-5,000 capsules an hour.

5.The caps sheet and the body sheet with special design, high precision, can avoid the breakage of capsules when separating and joining capsules.

6.The powder guard with a enclosed design powder guard to avoid loss of powders.

7.The tamping tool is design to one-layer ,angles and pins being polished.

Quick Details

  • Filler model:CN-204S
  • Control Mode:Semi-automatic operation
  • Capacity:204 capsules/ time
  • Screw material:S.S 316
  • Configuration:8 parts
  • Overall dimension:43*16*33 (cm)

The semi-automatic capsule filler machine has 8 parts:

1.The cap sheet 2.The body sheet 3.The positioning sheet 4.The encapsulation sheet 5.The tamping tool 6.The spreader 7.The separating sheet 8.The powder guard


1, Pour a number of empty capsules into the encapsulation sheet. 2, Using a circular motion, gently shake the empty capsules into the holes, ready for the first filling. 3, Fix the encapsulation sheet onto the positioning sheet using the 1st row as a guide. 4, Push the central screw on the left side to make the 1st batch of empty capsules fall down into the separating sheet. 5, Repeat process (1) then fix the encapsulation sheet onto the 2nd row of the positioning sheet. 6, Repeat process (2) to make the 2nd batch of empty capsules fall down into the separating sheet. 7, After filling the empty capsules, put the cap sheet on the capsules to make sure all the capsules are fixed firmly. 8, With one hand, pull the handle of the separating sheet. 9, With one finger of the other hand, raise the handle on the positioning sheet slightly to start separating the empty capsules . 10, Repeat until all the empty capsules are separated . 11, Pour a scoop of powder filler onto the bottom sheet and use the spreader to fill the capsule bottoms. 13, If the capsule bottoms are not full enough first time, use the tamping tool to compress the fillings and repeat the previous procedure. 14, Take the filled positioning sheet together with the cap sheet and put them into place on the bottom sheet. 15, Now, stand up. 16, Place both hands on the top. Press downwards with equal pressure . ';