Electric unicycle 84V Rockwheel GT16 858Wh 1036WH

Electric unicycle 84V Rockwheel GT16 858Wh 1036WH
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The details about GT16:

1. GT16 there are two to choose from, 60V 680WH, 80V 858WH. The same motor, 80V speed upgrade about 10 km. With the same output power, the output current of the high voltage is smaller, which can reduce the control board and the battery burden.. But we have always attached great importance to the design of the heat sink, 60V\'s cooling system is sufficient to cope with it.

2. As a fever class performance models, the motor and the controller can not be sloppy. Custom more high grade steel and silicon steel sheet, can enhance the power of around 20%, and The same power heat less. The controller with 247 package MOS tube, the maximum current of 180A, large radiating area, reasonable large current circuit to avoid the damage caused by burning MOS

3. Speed 60V:45-50km/h, 80V:55-60km/h, speed and torque into the inverse ratio, it is possible to adjust the actual application.

4 Battery 60V:680WH, 16 Series 4 parallel 64 panasonic battery 2900MAH each ;80V:858WH ,20 series 4 parallel 80 panasonic battery 2900MAH each.

The V8 is the international version, can connect to the APP. ';