Free Shipping ARCHON W42VR D36VR W42VR 5200lm Underwater Video Light Diving Flashlight Torch

Free Shipping ARCHON W42VR D36VR W42VR 5200lm Underwater Video Light Diving Flashlight Torch
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Package include :

Only flashlight set:

1. 100% new and brand
2. 1 x archon d36vr diving flashlight
3. 1x Handstrap
4. 2x o-ring

Battery and charger set:

1. 100% new and brand
2. 1 x Archon d36vr diving flashlight
3. 1 x ARCHON original box
4. 4 x archon 18650 batteries
5. 1 x charger fit your country
6. 1 x Handstrap
7. 2 x o-ring
8. 1 x Manual

100% brand new, Archon original product

Product Specifications:

Bulb: White CREE XM-L2 U2 LED *8 (max 5200 Lumens);

Red CREE XP-E N3 LED*4 wavelength 620 nm (max 400 Lumens);

Purple LED *2 wavelength 410nm (max 6W);

UV LED*2 wavelength 365nm (max 6W);

Switch 1: Red> Purple> UV> off

2: White high> White medium >White low> off

The two switches can be operated separately or simultaneously.

Runtime: White High Mode: 1.5H;

White Medium Mode: 3.0H;

White Low Mode: 4.0H

Red Light: 4.0H;

Purple Light: 5.0H;

UV light: 5.0H

Color temperature: 5000K (white light)

Reflector: No hotspot design, no reflector;

Lens: 4mm Polycarbonate Board;

Body material: Durable aircraft-grade aluminum;

Angle of light beam: 120

Surface treatment: Premium Type III hard-anodizing.

Color: Black

Battery: 18650 rechargeable Li- ion battery *4;

Battery Indicator: 100%-50%: Green;

50%-30%: Yellow;


Below 10%: Red Flashing;

Below 5%: switch off;

With battery over-discharging protection, polarity reversing protection

with gas release valve

Operation voltage: 2.8V to 4.2V;

Waterproof: 100 meters underwater

Dimensions: 140.9mm (length)* 62.6mm (dia. of head);

Weight: 490 grams (without battery); 682.4 grams (with battery)

Underwater Weight: 330 grams (with battery)

Impact resistance: 1.5M.


1. Remove the tail by turning counter-clockwise.

2. Remove used batteries and replace with fresh batteries as shown by the polarity stickers.

3. Mount the tail by turning clockwise.


1. Plug the charger in the wall power socket, the indicator light is green in the free-load status.

2. Put the battery in the slot of the charger.

3. The indicator light is red if the battery is not fully charged; it will turn green after fully charged.

4. Take out the fully charged battery and use them in the diving light.

Modes Changing

1. Successive push the switch 1 ON-OFF within two seconds to cycle through Red, Purple, UV Light, OFF;

2. Successive push the switch 2 ON-OFF within two seconds to cycle through High, Medium, Low (white light), OFF.


Check closely for cuts, scratches, or an otherwise damaged O-ring or mating lens surface as this can cause the light to flood under pressure. Remove any salt deposits, sand, dirt, or other foreign matter from the O-ring sealing surfaces.



If the light is not to be used for some time, remove the batteries to prevent possible leakage or corrosion. Please remove the batteries during transportation to prevent it from misoperation.

If the switch gets stuck, please put some washing-up liquid in the slot of the switch and push the switch back and forward several times till it move smoothly again, then clean the light in the fresh water.