HiSpot H2 3D VR Glasses All in One 4K IMAX Video Glasses BOX VR Movies Film 800" OLED Screen Smart Virtual Reality Glasses TVBOX

HiSpot H2 3D VR Glasses All in One 4K IMAX Video Glasses BOX VR Movies Film 800
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HiSpot, Look at the films when you are laying

With the popularity of VR in recent years, most of us like to buy VR glasses, but actually it is not enjoyment but looking for abuse. The main

reason is that the resolution of the display is too low. See the pixel points of the grid state. Finally, the ultra-high resolution of HISPOT H2

attracted me deeply. The HISPOT H2 adopt for SONY OLED(2 Pcs) micro-display screens. The single-lens resolution of 1080P ensures

the fineness of the picture. When viewing, the picture size is up to 800 inches. Don\'t have to worry about showing the effect.

HiSpot is the second generation viewing magic machine

800 inch giant-screen

6 inch giant-screen smart phone, 28 inch giant-screen computer, 60 inch giant-screen TV

Military level micro display technology Small means big

Military level micro display technology comes from Sony, 0.7 inch with 200 million pixel, PPI is ten times than smart phone and more than 3147.

High definition is our attitude

0.7 inch OLED screen *2 , more than 1080P Monocular resolution, Superposition of eyes for 4K

Capture every color of the sunshine

115 percent of wide color gamut, beyond the limit of your eyes’ Identification.

Nondestructive quality, nondestructive pictures

Free to control the brightness

Super high contrast

HDR technology can improve the contrast, it makes the pictures much clearer, the color is more pure, light excessive is more natural.

OLED Display:

Black part is blacker and white part is whiter

OLED self-luminous principle make us control 200 million shiner.

The micro display

Ultra wide color gamut PPI

Lying when you are watching films

It is clearer than 3D

Eyes independent imaging in accordance with 3 d imaging principle

The super precision optical system 52 degree field angle

No bending deformation for 360 degree

with HiSpot you are the king of the cinema

Watching for a long time without hurting your eyes and no tired

The imaging distance for 15 meters

Can be stretched forehead support components

Wearing with no bump design, free to lie down

You can adjust the Level 3 extend-retract machine, according to the different height of forehead.

Forehead adjustment machine

Forehead adjustment lever

Rotary knob adjust the degree of tightness

Please press the rotary knob before you use it and adjust it by Spin around

Eye Myopia Adjustment:

Myopia adjustment : 1000 degree adjustable

PD adjustment : 58- 70 degree

Earphone hole PD adjustment : 58- 70 degree

Focal length adjustment : support 1000 degree  PD adjustment

Foldable design: You can pull the support part of the forehead to the largest, then folded down

Press the button to tighten the bandage

Take control rod

Buckle down

Free to lay down

New version Whale intelligent system

Whale system includes online video, application store, local contents, VR area, my APP,

System Setting:

VR game and 360 degree panoramic video

VR game experience

HiSpot Store:

More than 300 films, 4000 2D films and 200000 TV programs

Independent research and development chip “pirate”

Sound and video port, HDMI + USB two to one tieline, you can enjoy yourself in PC, game console

set top box, blue-ray machine, unmanned plane and PAD.

Danmark AD3D technology

Customization short line earphone

Easy to operate New voice button external connection U disk

2 hours charging 7000mAh battery Watching for 8 hours

Improve charging speed for 60 percent

Improve battery capacity for 40 percent

HiSpot Size:

length: 173mm width: 61mm Height: 70mm Weight: 236g

Display information : Core component : 0.7 inch OLED screen *2

Resolution: 1920*1080

Color : RGB 24 bit

PPI : 3147

Ratio of width and height: 16 : 9

3D: Full width around/ Half -full width around /top and bottom format

Optical information: Size : 800 inch screen

Light transmittance: 99 percent

Interpupillary distance: 58 – 71mm

Distortion control : No distortion

Field angle: 52 degree angle

Myopia adjust: Monocular independent adjustment 1000 degree

Video format : 3D

4K : support 60fps

Video : FM、FLV、MOV、AVI、MKV、TS、MP4、Blue light the original disc

Coding: H.265、H.264、H.263、MPEG4、REAL、ASF and so on.

Voice frequency: FLAC、APE、AAC、MP3、WAV、AC3

Picture format : JPG、PNG、BMP

Remote Control:

Size: length: 140mm width: 62mm Height: 15mm

Hardware Information :

Processor: Quad core ARMCortex – A 7 1.4 Ghz

Memory : 2 GB DDR3 RAM

Storage : 32 GB EMMC

Bluetooth : BT 4.0 dual mode

WIFI : 2.4G/ 5G dual screen

Battery :

Battery Mode :Polymer lithium battery

Capacity: 7000mAh

Using time : more than 8 hours video

Internet : LAN : SMB、DLNA、Miracast

External equipment : U disk、mobile HDD、Key board、Mouse、Bluetooth game handle

Package Included:

Hispot H2 VR Glasses * 1

Data Cable * 1

HDMI n USB 2 in 1 Cable * 1

Remote Control Battery * 1

Eearphone * 1

Manual * 1

Fast Charger *1 (US Standard defaultly, if you need adaptor, please leave message in the order)

Buyer Real Evaluation About HISPOT H2 VR Glasses:

After opening, it can be seen that the Hispot H2 is quite special in shape, and the overall it is full of technology sense.

The accessories are more abundant, in addition to H2 vr glasses, mainframe, charger and other necessary parts, also sent earplugs, HDMI cable. The charger adopts fast charging of 5V/9V/12V and adopts Typc-C data line to prevent reverse insertion and increase the speed of data transmission.

The hispot H2 also includes a pair of in-ear earphones. It is easier to feel the film without being affected by the sound of the surrounding environment.

HDMI extension cable with USB power supply interface is used to adapt the game console, so that the Hispot H2 is not only matched with its own controller, but also connected to the computer and game console as display output.

Hispot H2 is one of the few models that uses glasses (display output) and handle (host) split design. This design can optimize the internal structure, greatly reduce the weight of the glasses and reduce the interference on the styling, making it more suitable. The product to wear. The glasses weigh only 265 grams and are ultra-light.

A thick sponge design on the inside of the top increases the contact area of the headband and evenly distributes the pressure, further reducing the stress during wearing.

For 3D movies, the H2 is defaulted to 3D playback. Of course, you can also switch between 3D and 2D through the 3D/2D switch on the left side, and this operation does not need to interrupt the movie.

For the convenience of viewing, the Hispot H2 is designed with a brightness adjustment button on the right side of the glasses. Each time it is incremented or betrayed with 25% brightness, the brightness of the screen can be directly adjusted while watching a movie without interrupting the movie.

Hispot H2 3d Vr glasses creatively added the adjustment of myopia degree and the adjustment of the distance of the eye, support the myopia population below 1000 degrees, and can adjust the degree of the left and right eyes to adapt the users with different degrees to solve the problem of myopia.

The Hispot H2 3d VR glasses adopts 12 groups of aspherical optical resin lenses which are used to solve the distortion problem. At the same time, the coating increases the light transmittance and prevents glare. Therefore, even if Hispot H2 is used for a long time, you will not be dizzy when watching 3D movies.

In order to reduce unnecessary waste, an infrared ranging sensor switch is designed in the middle of the two lenses, and the infrared distance measuring sensor switch is used to put on the bright screen to remove the screen, thereby further improving the battery life.

Choosing one afternoon of autumn, one person, one car, wearing one h2 vr glases, feel the natural atmosphere, enjoy the shocking experience of 800" giant screen. The huge screen, excellent performance, and true color reproduction have created an immersive and substituting experience, especially the 3D screen effect, which never misses the cinema\'s visual effect at all.

When you see the shocking screen effect, you can freely retreat and feel the thrilling picture many times, because the control is at hand nearby.


1.About the length adjustable
at the head joints button, there are 3 levels to adjust the length of the headband
2.about the fog up
the side of lens is glass, when it meets cold air, there will be some fog, so please let the device play several minutes firstly before you wear the device.
besides, the upper and lower ventilating holes of the facial silicone(at the eye watch position, not face) should be opened with a needle or similar, and the air will form a convection, which can effectively remove the mist.
3. about the Storage
when the controller is turn on, and connect it to your PC, it can be displayed as a U disk(32gb, and effective storage about 25-26gb), and check the storage there.
4.About the virtual Screen
H2 Is just like a private theatre, the virtual size is like a 800inch screen, just like a theatre containing 200-300 hundreds of people size, please make sure you adjust your lens and size of the headband properly to achieve the best effect
5. about google store
currently, the device doesn’t support google store, and also you can transmit other resources from PC to the device via cable or directly watch when connect the h2 to your PC