MEIKING Eye Cream Anti-Puffiness Black Dark Circle Eye Essence Instantly Ageless Anti Aging Anti Wrinkle Advanced Night Repair

MEIKING Eye Cream Anti-Puffiness Black Dark Circle Eye Essence Instantly Ageless Anti Aging Anti Wrinkle Advanced Night Repair
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Argireline Collagen Eye Cream


Production Description

Collaxyl Rejuvenating Eye Cream

China 15 ml
2 years

Ingredients:Olive leaf extract, hyaluronic acid, mushroom dextran, prunella vulgaris extract, collaxyl, ganodorma lucidum, ginseng extract, yeast extract, chamomile extract, radix scutellariae extract.

Makes the skin around your eyes smooth for a younger and more vibrant look.

Take a small amount of cream and evenly place onto the surrounding of your eyes with your finger tip. Gently rub until the cream is fully adsorbed.

All Skin Types

97% Improvement in appearance after 4 weeks, 100% Guaranteed.

Chinese medicine added,eliminate fat granule around eyes

Remove fat granule

Weaken microgrooves

Specially developed for skin around eyes

--Collaxyl rejuvenation eye cream Give eyes the most luxury experiences! Restore perfect surrounding of eyes Defeat stubborn fat granules with three steps

Specially developed for skin around eyes,

Eliminate fat granule and microgrooves around eyes.

Remove fat granule

Weaken microgrooves

Eliminate under-eye bags

Strongly recommend! Witness eye skin to gain a new life!

--collaxyl rejuvenation eye essence

Eliminate fat granule,activate cells around eyes.

Eliminate edama,eliminate black circles and fishtail wrinkles. Defeat stubborn fat granules with three streps,restore perfect surrounding of eyes.

1. Clean residue of cosmetics

Mushroom dextran can release plenty of decomposition factors,neutralize residue substances around eyes that are not easy to be cleaned.

2. Absorb superfluous oil and grease of around eyes.

Fat granules around eyes are formed due to excessive oil and grease,selfheal and yeast extract can absorb oil and grease molecules and form water molecules to discharge. 3. Repair marks of fat granules Wheat germ extract and collaxyl can inject vitality into eye skin,promote metabolism of cells,recover smooth and tender eye skin.

Collaxyl rejuvenation eye cream.

[ Main components ] Olive leaf extract,hyaluronic acid,mushroom dextran,selfheal extract,collaxyl,ganoderma lucidum extract,ginseng extract,yeast extract,chamomile extract,radix scutellariae extract,wheat germ extract.

[ Major effects ] The texture is very full and watery,allow skin surrounding eyes to be tender and smooth,effectively strengthen natural prevention function of skin surrounding eyes,and improve edema.Soothe microgrooves and deep wrinkle marks,form tight protective films surrounding eyes,reappear young tight eyes.

[ methods of use ] Take some eye scream of the size of a piece of rice,evenly brush and press onto the surroundings of eyes from the eye end with the finger tip of ring finger,rub lightly until absorption.

[ Applicable people ] All skins

Compare favorably with celebrities,you can also own luxury eye caring product

--collaxyl rejuvenation eye cream

[ Ganoderma lucidum ]

Ganoderma lucidum has apparent curative effect for enhancing body immune,anti-aging,anti nervous breakdown and promoting sleeping.

[ Chamomile ]

Has good tramal,repair sensitive skin,reduce redness,reduce inflammation,adjust uneven skin color.

[ Ginseng ]

Anti-aging,increase skin nutrition,curb black pigments,make skin white and smooth.

[Radix scutellriae extract ]

Clear heat and moisture,purge fire and remove toxin,stop bleeding,prevent miscarriage,reduce bood pressue. Trial use talent Anne kongling What are learned from using:Pores of eye skin are 1/10 of those in other places,this collaxyl essence eye cream has fine molecular granules with good penetration force,and skin can absorb it after rubbing lightly,in combination with massage manipulation,eye skin will be apparently tight with weakened black eye circles and fat granules. 1. Take some eye essence,drop it on the tip of the figure,about the size of a soybean Spray eye essence onto the eyelid(upside,downside) evenly from the internal to the external,can fully care eye skin. 2.Massage manipulations:Use the middle finger and ring finger in a shape of scissors hand to pull eye skin from the internal to the external to the place of temple.fix the figures;use the ring figure to smooth the lower eyelid.

Can prevent saggey corners of eyes and loose eye skin,menwhile,weaken black eye circles and microgrooves.

3. Bright eyes are the window of heart,we must take care of them extremely! 6 month light fat granule,recommend to use one bottle

1 year moderate fat granule,recommend to use two to three.

Above 2 years heavy fat granule,recommend to use four to five bottles. ';