NEW Copper People's distiller "Antonich 2.0 C" diameter 2" (51mm)

NEW Copper People's distiller
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DISTILLARUS NEW whole copper People\'s distiller "Antonich 2.0 C" .

This type of distiller combines ease of use, high quality materials, high quality manufacturing, the ability to extend the functionality. Material of Construction: 304 stainless steel, material thickness 2 mm, Length 800mm. The kit includes 2\'(51mm) copper pipe 500mm, -1pc 2"(51mm) copper dephlegmator -1pcs 2"(51mm) copper pipe , lenght 100mm with sleeves (4.2mm, 6.2mm)-1pcs 2"(51mm) copper elbow 90 degree -2pcs 2"(51mm) copper condencer , length 450mm -1pcs 2"(51mm) stainless steel herringbone adapter with air connector -1pcs 2"(51mm) tri-clamp -7pcs 2"(51mm) silicon gaskets -7pcs ';