New Registrar Car DVR Radar Detector GPS 3 in 1 Car Detector Camera Full HD 1296P Speed Cam Anti Radar Mini Car Dash Cam Camera

New Registrar Car DVR Radar Detector GPS 3 in 1 Car Detector Camera Full HD 1296P Speed Cam Anti Radar Mini Car Dash Cam Camera
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Ambarella A7LA50D

White balance


mage Sensor




GPS chipset

u-blox U7

Display resolution


Chipset radar

ANW radar

LED display size


Shockproof system

stand by

Aspect ratio


ideo resolution

2560X1080 @ 30fps2304x1296 @ 30fps

@ 30fps

HDR @ 30fps 60fps @ 30fps

HDR @ 30fps @ 45FPS

loop record

1 minutes

2 minutes

3 minutes

4 minutes

5 minutes

G sensor

Support (low / medium / high)

Loop rewriting




Video format




Maximum storage

64GB (Class 10 or above)

Time and date



Britain / Russia / China

Mode radar

Highway / City1 / City 2

USB input

Miniature USB

motion detection




Recording sound


System compatibility

Windows / 2003 / XP / VISTA / Win7

Radar range


Storage temperature


Working humidity


working voltage


Working current


Built-in battery


Laser range finder


AV output


Operating emperature




warranty period

12 months


Adopt CE,RoHS,FC

Radar group

X-BAND:10.525 GHz + 100 MHz, detection distance: 500-2500 meters

K-BAND:24.150 GHz + 175 MHz, detection distance: 1200 to 2500 meters

Trfor rate K-BAND:24.125 GHz + 175 MHz, detection distance: 250-1200 meters

Laser: 904nm, bandwidth of 33MHz bandwidth

Laser, CT

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