V8.11 XGecu TL866II tl866 ii Plus usb programmer+13 adapter socket+SOP8 clip 1.8V nand flash 24 93 25 mcu Bios EPROM AVR program

V8.11 XGecu TL866II tl866 ii Plus usb programmer+13 adapter socket+SOP8 clip 1.8V nand flash 24 93 25 mcu Bios EPROM AVR program
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XGec Newest product V7.03 TL866II Plus programmer+25 adapters socket+SOP8 clip 1.8V nand flash 24 93 25 mcu Bios EPROM better than TL866A/CS

We are one of the authorized distributors of the real TL866 programmer\'s manufacturer,(Haikou Xingong Electronics Co., Ltd.)

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Tl866II PLUS programmer is the improvement of TL866CS/A programmer, difference is much higher programming speed (up to 2x) of high-capacity memories. It supports multiprogramming mode (up to four ) Well-designed cheap professional programmer, Production of high-density SMD technology, a unified user interface, easy to use, fully functional, reliable program running of application software, ultra-small code -runs faster, supports bilingual(English and Chinese), it can automatically identify the operating system to install and run under WIN 2000/WIN XP/WIN 2003/WIN 2008/WIN VISTA /WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 (32BIit/64Bit) TL866II Plus compared with the older version TL866CS &TL866A of the programmer TL866II Plus programmer highlights the advantages 1. Support a computer with 4 programmer at the same time burn. 2. Small size, high density, low power consumption, high performance, a really hot synthesis programmer. 3. All chips without external power supply, its own low power to ensure that the USB port can provide enough power. 4. The best internal 40-foot overvoltage protection, the strongest VPP, VCC four over-current protection. A short circuit will not reset the PC or programmer. 5. A wide range of chip 15000 + support, support for serial series, parallel series 40/44 / 48PIN large-capacity FLASH. 6. Unique serial programming ICSP interface, also supports serial download and high-speed parallel high-voltage programming. Note: The TL866CS does not support ICSP interface programming. 7. Can really test 74/54 CMOS4000 series integrated circuits. Can be positioned to the door circuit error. 8 chip serial number function is the most complete and practical. 9. original support AVR microcontroller internal RC calibration byte Calibration of the chip mass production operation. So that brute force software can not directly run on another chip of the same type. 10.Automatic detection chip pin bad or wrong insertion, to avoid damage to the device.

3.TL866II software you can dwonload here:


4.TL866II IC list you can check here: autoelectric.cn/MiniPro/TL866II_List.txt

5.Fully support AT89S51/2/55/PLCC44 and AT27C1024/PLCC44

6.socket family

7.The package includes:

1*True-USB TL866II MiniPRO Programmer

1*USB Cable (for both power supply and data communication)

1*Installation CD with latest MiniPro software & PDF manual


1*SOP28-DIP28 300mil adapter < Gold Plating>

1*SOP8-DIP8 150mil adapter <Gold Plating>

1*SOP8-DIP8 200-208mil adapter<Gold Plating>

1*PLCC44-DIP44 adapter

1*PLCC32-DIP32 adapter


1*SOP8/msop8/tssop8/ssop8/SOP16-DIP16 simple adapter





1*MSSOP8 and SOP16


1*PLCC IC extractor

​Please note that the package not include CD software, you need to download it from official website by yourself,thanks for your understanding.

8. tl866II Plus Programmer discription:

1.High-speed programming Built-in high-performance, high-capacity USB interface microcontroller, communication speed 12Mbps, with (for each chip) well-designed programming algorithms and USB high-speed communications. May be the fastest development of integrated programming type one, the speed has been in line with the needs of small quantities of fast production. Compared to similar products, some chip programming speed several times faster, or even 10 times, 4Mbits of parallel FLASH ROM, the programmer programming (erase, write, verify the total time) only 36 seconds, read and write a 32MB TE28F320 just 32 +79 seconds, and most parallel FLASH chip programming at the same time, found that errors can terminate programming immediately, read and write a 8Mbits serial 25P80 only 12 seconds (read) +18 seconds (write) time . 64MB capacity of the fastest chip only 96 seconds +160 seconds. Supports common 25PIN and 16PIN package of high-capacity 25 series chips. The same computer can connect 4 programmers for mass production operations. 2.Programmed programming power supply The VPP and VCC programming voltages are individually programmable and programmable from 1.8 to 6.5V for VCC and 1.8V to 18V for VPP. Power by the multi-stage LC filter, minimal ripple. 3. the best over-voltage, over-current protection Programmer VCC VPP power independent internal 3-level overcurrent protection, plus a level of software automatically cut off the power supply protection. VPP overvoltage protection for each 40P programming socket pin. Effectively prevent insertion of the wrong chip or other causes of the external pin short circuit, programming, VPP high pressure channeling back into the programmer to damage the programmer. Really any external worst-case short circuit occurs, will not damage the programmer, and the most effective protection of the programmed chip. Short time, the programmer timing 100us cut off the programming power VPP and VCC, and send information to the application, due to the use of multi-level overcurrent protection, short circuit will not cause the programmer and PC reset. 4.40 PIN universal pin 40PIN quasi-universal pin, the most versatile one. When all the chips are programmed, no chip needs to be shifted or turned to be placed. The chip is uniformly moved forward. The direction of the programming socket handle is set as PIN1, which is more in line with the designer\'s operation habit. 5.Super upgrade function Built-in hardware firmware upgrade function, programming timing controlled by the MCU firmware. Can guarantee your programmer firmware FLASH and application software updates. Upgrade through the Internet to download the upgrade process, self-upgrade. 6. chip serial number secondary development function Programmer built a variety of commonly used automatic numbering function. And can use a custom algorithm to achieve any sequence number through DLL dynamic library. This feature allows you to produce a unique identification information for each chip in mass production. The logo can also be encrypted with a custom algorithm to more effectively protect your product\'s rights. 7. unique universal serial programming interface ICSP Simultaneously through 40PIN universal socket programming, this programmer also has a ICSP serial programming mouth. For on-chip serial programming of the chip, you can choose ICSP interface on the target MCU programming, ICSP port wiring method, the program with high-definition picture tips. So as to facilitate the chip has been welded in the update programming. (: ICSP now supports 24/25 / 93A series serial EEPROMs, TMEL89S51,52, ATMEGAxxx AVR full range and MICROCHIP PIC10Fxxx 12Fxxx 16Fxxx 18Fxxx full range, SXM SYNCMOS SM59Dxx / SM59Rxx full range of chips for in-circuit serial programming. SCMs supporting serial in-circuit programming are constantly adding. The ICSP 6 lines of this programmer, except for one ground GND, lead to full-featured I2C, SPI and UART serial buses for various serial communications And each line can give super current of VCC, VPP or GND. 8. superior performance 54 / 74F / LS / HC CMOS4000 integrated circuit integrated functional test The first development-type programmer that really tests common logic ICs, tests for errors that can be located in logic gates, and tests for any possible combinations of inputs in the integrated circuit. Programmer self-test function The programmer can self-test VPP VDD GND and input / output signals of each pin and internally short-circuit VPP and VCC overcurrent (strong current is shorted by adding VPP VCC and GND to one pin at the same time). Check operation. 9. AVR one-on-one soft encryption AVR microcontroller has a RC Calibration (correction byte), the byte value of a few dozens of chips may be the same, and can not be modified. Microcontroller software can read this value, determine the value to determine whether the code is used on another chip, through a custom encryption algorithm can make brute force can not be used directly. If the encryption algorithm is complex enough, it is not easy to believe it. However, "Encryption" raised a problem for developers, each chip is different, if the algorithm is complex, it is impossible to manually calculate one by one to compile the original code. This programmer can read RC byte automatically before programming. The developer can get the value of this byte in the DLL dynamic function, and then automatically calculate the encrypted data according to your requirement and put it in the memory to complete the fast Production. (Installation package there is a detailed example of ATMEGA8 encryption, for reference) 10. unified and convenient user interface The interface has been carefully crafted, fully compatible with the Windows operating system software habits, built-in binary editor, comparable to professional pure editing software. Can be directly on the BIN file, HEX file, JED format file read and write modify operations. Another complete and practical engineering model, making mass production more convenient and safe. ';