Zhiyun Crane V2 3-axis Brushless Handle Gimbal Stabilizer for Sony Camera Payload 350g-1800g + Tabletop Tripod PK Zhiyun Crane M

Zhiyun Crane V2 3-axis Brushless Handle Gimbal Stabilizer for Sony Camera Payload 350g-1800g + Tabletop Tripod PK Zhiyun Crane M
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Zhiyun Crane Micro Single Handle 3-axis Gimbal Stabilizer with Brushless Slip Ring and Encoder, Load 350g-1800g


It is the distinction makes Crane outstanding. Customized for most mirrorless cameras, Zhiyun Crane
is professional and advanced for its technique i.e. 3 axes non-stopper design, compatibility with two
types of batteries, camera controlling and hand adjustment. Crane is the best of the best mirrorless camera gimbals.


1. Stronger performance: the Crane weights only 950g, with powerful payload weight 1800g for almost all mirrorless cameras.
Feel free to draw inspiration from multiple lenses and mirrorless cameras!
Support following mirrorless cameras: Sony A7 series, Panasonic LUMIX Series, Nikon J Series, Canon M Series.

Note: compatible with cameras weights between 350g and 1800g.

2. 1/4 inch screw thread and wireless control. Follow your style:
With the 1/4 screw thread at the bottom, the Crane can be matched with multiple filming accessories, i.e. tripod, extension rod,
cupula, or hand held/worn to make delay shooting and create the effect of rocker arm. In addition, with the built-in
wireless control module, you can remote control the Crane or upgrade firmware by connecting remote controller or APP.
This is so convenient that Rider M is always in fashion.

3. User-friendly design:
Zhiyun honeycomb 4.0 technique:

The honeycomb core arithme is the advanced control arithme researched and developed by Zhiyun.

The gimbal attitude control, combined with efficient motor control technology, makes it possible for
instant disturbance compensation fast and accurately which reaches the industry’s highest standard of
noise reduction. Honeycomb 4.0 even make the gimbal faster reaction and 20% better performance.

Flexible use, more inspiration: using the classic step less rotational joystick, switching between pan following mode, locking mode,
pan and tilt following mode, you can handle everything within fingertip. Easy work, easy fun.
Tool-less, quick balance adjustment: Thumbscrew design-tool-less, quick dismount the camera; finish all the adjustment within a minute.

Note: if you need to use a long lens, please mount the lens support

4. 3 axes 360 degrees unlimited rotation: with advanced brushless slip rings, 3 axes of Crane can rotate at 360 degrees. Any shooting requirements
will be perfectly satisfied, i.e. positive grip, upright shooting, low angle, high flight photography.

Beside, with three 32-bit MCUs, the temporal activity can be synchronized to a high-frequency up to 4kHz in parallel, which is the gimble with a great

high running speed in the world.

5. Easy carry: There is a carry box for user carrying Zhiyun Crane more easily.






length: 154mm

width: 159mm

height: 389-402mm

Operation current


Operation temperature

0-45 Celsius




950g (Battery excluded)

Payload weight


Tilt axis mechanical movement range

360 degree (unlimited rotation)

Roll axis mechanical movement range

360 degree (unlimited rotation)

Pan axis mechanical movement range

360 degree (unlimited rotation)

Support camera


Almost all mirrorless cameras

Maximum payload lens

70mm lens



Zhiyun Li-ion battery


26500 Li-ion





Battery type


Whole battery weight

42g (single)

Charging temperature

0-45 Celsius

Discharge temperature

-10-45 Celsius

Storage temperature

25 Celsius room temperature

Maximum charging current




Zhiyun Li-ion battery charger


26500 Li-ion battery charger

Input voltage


Charging current


Carry bag



Package contain

1* Crane gimbal
1* Lens support
1* Lens support screw
1* Camera Mounting screw
1* Micro USB cable
1* 26500 Li-ion battery charger
2* 26500 Li-ion batteries
1* Battery box
1* carry bag
1* User manual